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We seek highly motivated Road Sales Representatives that actively travel and promote sales. Individuals that have an established sale route and is capable of utilizing new technology (ie. ipad order system, etc) are regarded with higher priority. Participation in our regional gifts shows in encourage to establish a strong customer base. We offer competitive commission and an opportunity for you to grow as a part of our company. Our support staff would guide you with anything you need to get started and assist you along the entire processing step of an order.

We are also currently seeking showroom designers in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX. If anyone is interested in finding more detail of these positions, then please contact vickie@fantasticcraft.com.

Currently looking for sales Reps in the following territories

  • Florida (FL)
  • Wyoming (WY)

For more information on being a sale Representitve for Fantastic Crafts then please send your resume to vickie@fantasticcraft.com